We’re here!

Leaving LA…wow.  We ended up paying $300 in overweight baggage charges, then the flight was delayed an entire hour (the exact layover time for our  next connection-yikes) and there was no place to sit and while away the time because LAX’s terminal 6 is under construction.  Good times!  Happily, we made our connection and made it to White Plains with no further drama!  We spent the first 2 nights at our friends’ home nearby…saw 2 deer on the way there…one dead, one alive.  Different kind of road kill out here!  He’s got a gorgeous place surrounded by lakes and woods…beautiful.

Segue to Washington Heights.  We’re steps away from the 1 train, which makes it easy to get into the city.  It’s a great 1 bedroom apartment and we’ve totally unpacked and settled in…did a Trader Joe’s run today (yes!) and made it to Target, so we’re good to go.

So here we are.  New York, New York.  Day 2.   The adventure has begun…



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