Every little step…

I almost bit it on Broadway.  I mean…I’m still piecing together what happened!  I’m sitting in the Zip Car office concluding the rental reservation for our car on Sunday…we’re moving…more on that later…and have just got my pulse back under control.

I was walking on the street on my way here, when I somehow stumbled and began the slow-mo, twisty, scary journey toward the pavement…in my head I was screaming, “OH, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!  I’m gonna fall on this street full of people!  Don’t let go of your bag!  Your computer is in there!!  Your bag handles are barely hanging on…this will bust them up for sure!  And your teeth!  You can’t leave them on the ground again!!!”   Suddenly,  I came totally out of my shoes and righted myself about 4 feet away from where they landed.  I had been struggling to stay on my feet..then suddenly, I was still.  And, miraculously, I was standing!!!  I became aware of the crowd that had gathered to see if I was gonna bite it or not.   I promise you…there were invisible hands that held me up…no way should I have come out of that without kissing the ground.

A nice man picked up my shoes and brought them over to me…and a few ladies asked me if I was alright, while I worked on slowing my breathing.

If my sisters are reading this, I can imagine them rolling their eyes and saying “NOT AGAIN!”  I was kind of a clutzy person growing up…I’ve had some spectacular falls…off a stage at the beginning of a  dinner show (salad in my hair, took out some chaser lights, Barry Manilow kept on singing),  down the stairs at a friends wedding where I was the featured vocalist (right where the receiving line was, of course…THANK GOD they’d already gone in for dinner!), on another stage where I fractured my wrist, busted the 2 teeth I referred to earlier, and knocked myself out cold.

No more, people!  No more!  Send those vibes out won’t you?  The ones that keep me upright and walking smartly down these New York streets.

You have no idea how much I appreciate it.



One response to “Every little step…

  1. Goodness! I’m glad you are okay. Funny how you felt like it happened in slow-mo – when I went back to Ocean Dome, I fell backwards on the main stage while attempting to walk up the center steps. It felt extremely slow because I remember my mind refusing to accept the fact that this was happening in front of an audience, LOL (even the dancers who saw it said it looked as if I was falling in slow motion).
    Stay safe in NY!

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