Full circle…

Remembrance Ribbons, St Paul's Chapel near Ground Zero

10 years ago today, I was on a Los Angeles bound plane that departed from JFK at 8:20 a.m.  I remember looking out of my window at the the twin towers as we flew past them and lamenting my time management–I’d wanted to visit them during my 2 week visit, and I didn’t get around to it.  Next time, I thought.

It’s 11:18 a.m. right now.  At this exact moment 10 years ago, I was still seated on a plane that had been diverted to a tiny airport in Marquette, Michigan.  The captain had announced that “due to a matter of national security, we have to land this aircraft.  Don’t be alarmed, there are no technical problems and we have plenty of fuel, but we do have to land.  We will give you more information as we receive it.”    So we landed.  We were all wondering what was going on…we could see another aircraft being deplaned across the tarmac, yet we were still onboard with no idea why we had to land in the first place.

We were on that plane for 2 hours.  When we finally deplaned, we were all escorted to a large waiting area in the airport, where we sat down and were informed by the waiting FBI agents that we had suffered a terrorist attack and that the twin towers had fallen.

I remember the looks of shock and disbelief on all the faces around me. We were all questioned (contact info, did we see anything unusual) before we were able to see any footage–it was all the more surreal because something so horrifying and catastrophic happened before we even knew about it.

I was contemplating moving to the city at that time.  That was the whole purpose of my trip…to look at neighborhoods, get a feel for the city, figure out how to make my life happen in New York.  I couldn’t do it after that.  When I finally got to LA three days later, and met my folks in the long term parking lot, we rushed to each other, held each other and cried.

10 years later, I’m finally here.  I will honor those who lost their lives on this day in 2001 by living my life in this, our city, fully, fearlessly, honestly and courageously.  May God continue to abundantly bless the families of the victims, and keep them safe, and may He hold those we lost in His care.



4 responses to “Full circle…

  1. Thank you for this.
    Whenever the subject of 9/11 has come up, I mention your story (and also Lisa S.’s – didn’t she call in sick that day for her airline job?). I cry, too, just thinking how very close you were to the entire situation.
    Thank you for honoring those past lives by living fully and courageously in NY.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Yes, Lisa did call in sick that day…it makes you think, doesn’t it? A very powerful reminder to make our lives count, and to live it in the best and most honorable way we can. And to let the people you care about know it. I love you, Peter!

  3. Agreed! I love you, Regina, and your singing, praising, performing, writing, beautiful, creative ways! Let’s continue to NOT take each other for granted, and all of the glorious, joyful friendships that bridge us together across the miles! ♥

  4. good morning my friend…just read your blogs….i love your writings and thoughts on new york and auditions…it brings back sooo many memories for me, good and bad, lol, there is nooo place like nyc!! 9/11 was a day off for me,,,i was scheduled to work the following morning to san fran…mom called me and woke me up to urge me to turn on the t.v. anyways….i pray for all those lost souls especially my co-workers at newark airport. i am so happy for you and tony to make it to nyc and start a new phase of your life. love and miss you ,,,lee

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