2012 begins….

Happy New Year!   Last night, my whole cast and I witnessed a man proposing to his girlfriend on stage after our first show.  She said yes!

And I’m gonna echo that here…”yes” to all the wonderful possibilities that are in front of all of us right now on this first day of the year.   “Yes” to the deeply un-glamorous hard work that it will take to accomplish some of my goals.  “Yes” to choosing to be happy regardless of the circumstances.  “Yes” to faith and hope and love and following through.

“Yes” to living life fully and passionately!  And “yes” to being empowered by and grateful for all the ways that we’ve succeeded when

2013 begins!



4 responses to “2012 begins….

  1. 2013 Regina my goodness? Don’t whizz us by that fast. xo Happy New Year Welcome to 2012

  2. One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle, wrote about a holiday tradition from her childhood. Her father would have each family member sign their name on a card as a symbolic and optimistic embrace of a new year.
    This post, and each “yes,” is that signature – yours!

  3. I love that, Peter! Thank you for that…and I’ll look up Ms. L’Engle–always happy to find a new and fabulous author!

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