back in the saddle…

I’m in our apartment in Harlem, and I’ve got an hour before I leave and head back to the gym for workout #2…spin class.  What’s workout #1?  Training with my husband…this is day 6 and I’m proud of that!

He’s not been twiddling his thumbs in the time I’ve been gone…his skills and knowledge have grown exponentially during the months that I was away working-he’s really quite impressive!  Every day has been a different, challenging workout, and that is exactly what my body needs.  I’ve been needing to get serious about strength training, and with his help, that is happening.

We’ve gotten a lot of comments from people…mostly other trainers who wonder how it is that we can successfully train together…or, more accurately, how this husband can train his wife and not have it get argumentative/irritating/annoying.  I’ll tell ya…it was a journey, but we’ve got it down now!  He’s the professional, and I treat him as such.  I am there to reap the benefits of his expertise.  He treats me as a client, and we don’t let our personal stuff infiltrate the session. (Most of the time, anyway!)   I know…seems pretty basic, but it took us a minute to get there.  You know how sneaky and tricky that personal stuff can be.

I’ve got a short term goal…July 23 when I begin rehearsals for my first east coast gig…a musical with Goodspeed Opera House called the Bikinis!  We open August 9, and I intend to feel fantastic on opening night and not pin my hopes on flattering lighting to make my arms look good!  I just had my measurements taken for costumes today…and those numbers are gonna tighten up!

I’m looking forward to feeling the confidence that comes with realizing a hard won goal.  It feels like such a parallel right now…booking and performing on the east coast at last, and continuing to work toward getting myself physically prepared for what life will hold now and in the future.  I’ve been torturing myself with “woulda-coulda-shoulda” over the last few days, and I need to let that go right now.

Because “regrets are a waste of time.  They are the past crippling you in the present.”

Onward and upward!  Strength of character, will, resolve, spirit, soul, mind and body–I have that, and I’m gonna act like I do every day, regardless of the circumstances.





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