it’s a new day…again…

It’s Friday.  I’m sitting in Equinox–Tony’s training a client and I just finished a morning spin class.

The word of the day is “epiphany”.  That word used to sound sound so magical and powerful to me.  The truth is, it’s only as magical and powerful as you make it.

I found this today in a blog at

“The problem with epiphanies is that they can make you feel really charged up, and like something has clicked into place in your mind, and that your life will be different from now on. They usually don’t lead to any tangible results though. You walk around for a day or two feeling ready to take on the world, but you don’t act any differently, and the ‘high’ soon wears off.  Each go around they feel like they’ve stumbled on some life changing discovery, feel energized for a bit without going on to achieve any real world changes, and then return to their default setting of feeling unsatisfied with their life.”

It goes on to say that “actual improvement usually comes over time, and often through doing some sort of work in the real world like facing your fears.”

I hate to admit that I see myself reflected in those words.

I went to a seminar last night called “How to Reboot and Reinvigorate Your Career Approach” with authors of the book “Minding the Edge: Strategies for a Fulfilling, Successful Career as an Actor”, Lori Hammel and Carl Menninger.

It was a great evening, and was a catalyst to me fully realizing that I have to DO SOMETHING to improve myself EVERY DAY.  That is now my strategy. That is my “work in the real world.”  Living in New York and pursuing a career here requires nothing less than relentless attention, drive and focus.  Living outside my comfort zone is where I have to set up camp.  Working for Princess for these past several years was a blessing and I’m grateful for it, but it was a cocoon and I allowed it to make me soft. And here, soft makes you the spectator on the sidelines and that is not what I moved here for.

5 minutes til I get warmed up again for my PT session with Tony.  That is what I’m doing today to improve myelf…doubling up on my workout, getting stronger and more confident physically, and going to my first rehearsal with the ladies I’ll be working with at the Goodspeed next month.

Did I mention that the woman speaker from last night’s seminar is one of the women that I’ll be performing with?







2 responses to “it’s a new day…again…

  1. Thank you for this! I would feel the same way, whenever I was away on contract – motivated and optional about potential opportunities, once I got back home . . . and it would usually fizzle out.
    I also tell people how being on a ship, or even in Japan, was not reality. So, you are right on the nose with the “cocoon” metaphor.
    Good for you for persevering, and thank you for the continued inspiration!

  2. Er, um, that was supposed to be “optimistic” (not ‘optional’) 🙂

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