Life in Connecticut…


In order, that’s the house I’m living in, the theatre I’m performing in, the door of the dressing room I get ready in, and me ready and singing “Heatwave!”

The show is going GREAT…we’re having a fantastic time and the audiences have been wildly enthusiastic!  We’ve come a long way…this journey began with a cab driver taking off with travel bags containing my wallet, IPhone, iPad, Macbook, workout gear and makeup (45 minutes later, with the help of 2 of NYPD’s finest and 2 of my cast members, I got everything back) and we’re at the halfway point now, finally feeling comfortable with the material and relaxing and enjoying performing the show Wednesday through Sunday.

I miss my husband on the days I’m here, and today in particular, I’m also missing the wedding of 2 dear friends–but they all get it and are happy for me to keep on keeping on!

I’m about to get myself ready for tonight’s show, but wanted to come back from the MIA list with this post.  Thank you for sticking with me and taking the time to read it!




One response to “Life in Connecticut…

  1. Hi Regina,
    Just found your blog because I read the card you gave us. You were spectacular in Bikinis — it just gets better every time we see it. Thank you for all your hard work and presence as Barbara. You are an amazing woman.

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