Hello again, Juilliard…

The last time I was sitting here I was prepping for my Goodspeed show…it’s now in my rearview mirror because we closed last Sunday.  I knew the time would go by quickly, and it did.  It was a fantastic experience–it was so rewarding to be part of a community for whom good theatre was something to celebrate and nurture, who have been producing theatre and housing and employing actors for over 4 decades!  It had an artist colony vibe, and I haven’t experienced that ever.  Completely singular and I had an amazing time there with everyone involved.

Back in the city!  Tony’s off completing a certification this weekend with some coworkers and I’m here solo…I feel the absence of him already and he left just a little over an hour ago!  Ridiculous. I have plenty to do in the meantime…reorganizing our space and me fulling plugging back in there is on the menu over the next couple day.

That and looking for that next job!  Tony is doing fantastic at his…he’s been accepted to the Manager In Training program and I’m so proud of him!

Thus concludes my rambling and random post.  Ah…I’ll end with this…my cycling instructor did yesterday and I like it:


“Do not fear change, change fear.”






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