30 year old ninja…

Yes.  What you wanna do is take out the spaces and add .com to that title, and you will be directed to the fantastic blog of Izzy, who at 30, quit his job, moved to Japan and is currently there studying to become a ninja.  And, he writes:

“This isn’t a ninja in the traditional sense.  The ninja I want to be is from my 8 year old imagination.”


Today on Facebook, I wrote, “It is vital to change for the better, to evolve and become a version of yourself that consistently honors what really matters in this life. This is for me: don’t fear change, change fear.”  This prompted a complete yin and yang response from 2 friends…one responded with a Brady Bunch video he found on youtube…the kids singing “Time to Change” as a tribute to Peter’s entrance to adolescence.  The light hearted approach.  That was ok–I needed the levity.   The other was a link to the blog I’m telling you about.

It is right on the money…I’ve been stagnating here in the city, not doing all I can to make my dream a reality.  I have allowed the fear of my career not happening, to bind me up and keep me from fully participating.  I became reactive and not proactive.  Again.  It took a pretty painful “discussion” with my husband to really bring it forward.  The thing is, it was not the first time we’ve had this discussion. I even wrote a blog about it one of the last times we had this talk.  It didn’t stick.  This blog is meant to happen at least once a week.  It hasn’t.  And I’ve written about that as well.

Back to the ninja.  I read 2 of his posts:  “6 Steps to Go from F*ing Clueless to Pursuing a Dream” and “11 Ways to Increase Your Discipline and Get Things Done”.  They are inspiring.  They give practical ways to actively participate in building your best life, and that is the core of what the blog is about.

Words are powerful.  But actions speak louder.  I have to speak louder.  I must speak louder.  I WILL SPEAK LOUDER.





One response to “30 year old ninja…

  1. Regina,
    I feel very humbled by this. Thank you so much for writing it :). But more important than my feelings – I hope with all of my heart that you can begin to take steps today to move towards your dreams.

    If that is scary or you don’t know what your dream is… Well then start smiling because that is how the pursuit of a dream begins :).

    If there is anything I can do to help let me know (including trying to figure it out or taking a first step): I noticed you subscribed – so feel free to just reply to any emails I send out.

    I hope your day is lovely .

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