Post Sandy…

I’m here at Equinox Fitness, and I am far from alone…this gym is packed!  So many thoughts are running through my head and I’m feeling so many conflicting emotions.  For many people, it’s business as usual.  Use the extra day off to hit the treadmill, steam, shower, find a restaurant that’s open, get home and relax with a movie and a glass of wine.

For so many other people, life has has been radically and forever changed. I know this happens to people every day in ways we can’t know about, but on a day where so many people are struggling and there is a powerful common denominator for that struggle, it is especially pointed.

Bear with me…I’ll do my best to keep this post linear.

I walk through this city everyday, and one of the many things that separates New York from any other city-especially from the car culture that is LA- is how many life-changing moments are lived and experienced in full view of anyone passing by. Whether they be passionate and joyful or searingly painful, they are lived out on these streets.  I have seen massive breakdowns, breakups, and arguments play out right in front of me, and for someone who has has generally only seen that kind of drama on stage or screen, it feels completely surreal.

This city is in your face. And being here challenges me and what I thought I knew about myself in ways I never knew it could.

It challenges the way I’ve lived my life, the commitment I have to making the rest of my life the best of my life, and to rising above any given setback with resilience and determination.

Here’s a quote I read today: “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

There’s something thrilling about that.  Doing something you never did. Existing outside your comfort zone. Moving willing and boldly into uncharted territory.  That’s what being here is all about.  That is what truly LIVING is all about.  If you keep up with me on Facebook, you will have read some of the quotes I’ve posted of late about strength and determination.  That’s my headspace these days.  Words are powerful–they fuel what you believe about yourself and what you think is possible.

These gym goers are carrying on in spite of obstacles and in the midst of catastrophe.  They are also all around me working on their computers using every available outlet to power their devices, just like me.  There is power in that!

I should rename this post Tangential Rant.

But you know what?  It’s where my head and heart are today…and those are good places to speak from.

Here’s to being the most loving, powerful, vital, joyful versions of ourselves every day!  Here’s to DOING!!  Here’s to flipping the switch and turning setbacks into stepping stones and to having our thoughts and beliefs mirror what we want in life regardless of circumstances, and by doing so, power them into reality!



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