just like the movies…

Vindication and validation.

When they happen at just the right moment, there is almost nothing better than that!  Think of all those great movie moments that we cheer…Rudy (of the eponymous film) getting to dress for Notre Dame and being carried off the field by his teammates, Erin Brockovich daring the smug attorneys to drink the contaminated water they previously believed untainted, Celie pointing her finger at Mister and making him stop in his tracks, Ed Norton’s character getting his just rewards in The Italian Job.

Ok.  That was quite the buildup, but I’m not gonna apologize for it.  Because my moment felt just as good.

It goes a little something like this:

I was working on a cruise ship and dating a guy…the guitar player in our show band.  We had fun, I liked him.  It was my very first contract, and I was coming out of a breakup and a rough year, and the attention felt great.  As it happened, he also lived in California-San Diego to be exact, and when our contract ended we made plans to keep seeing each other.

Much later, I realized that our relationship was based more on convenience and accessibility than real content–but when I was in the moment, I convinced myself that there was something there and tried to keep it going.  Him, not so much.  He came up to LA to visit a few times, and I went south to visit him, but as time went on, it  became clear that we were petering out.  One day when we was supposed to come up and visit me, he called to say he wasn’t coming.  He wasn’t in love with me, and thought we should move on.  

Well.  Not a fun day for me, but we moved on.

A few months later I was at sea on another contract, and had made friends with a new band.  They were a great group of guys from Victoria, BC.  Imagine, if you can, a soulful Ron Howard, and that’s what their lead singer was like.  There were 4 of them, and  they were just really good guys.  

Fast forward  a few weeks to me finding out Mr. San Diego was going to be coming on board to replace the guitarist in our show band.  Yikes.  We hadn’t spoken since our breakup, and we were going to be seeing each other quite a bit when he got onboard.  To say I wasn’t looking forward to it is quite the understatement.

So, he arrives.  And on what day?  My birthday. Great.

The band guys call me and tell me they have a present for me, and that I have to meet them in the nightclub after their 11:00 set to get it.  So I go up there, and when I walk in, I heard their voices coming through the speakers.  I kept listening, and when the song got to the chorus I heard my name!  They had written a song for me!  They recorded it in their cabin, and it was it was playing in the nightclub!  All my friends were there to wish me happy birthday, and of course the guys were there too!  I was so moved–I thought that moment couldn’t get any better until I saw Mr. San Diego on the fringe taking it all in and looking uncomfortable and out of place.


I can’t lie.  It felt pretty amazing to have the guy who broke up with you hear 4 other guys singing a song about you, that they wrote for you blasting over the speakers in a nightclub. And and top of it, it’s your birthday, so you’re looking pretty good.


That was satisfying.




One response to “just like the movies…

  1. Regina, thank you for this, the ‘just like in the movies’ post.   You may or may not know that I had a similar experience at Ocean Dome, during and after that first contract where I met you.   I am at peace now, with myself and with Trini Garza, but getting over him was difficult. Had I known what was ahead, and had I been given a choice, I would have chosen not to go to Japan.   It wasn’t until after I came back home to California that I heard the phrase “Don’t shit where you eat.” Just another life lesson that I had to learn the hard way. I hadn’t even heard the term “showmance” back then (don’t know if it was even around yet).   It’s not an easy choice to be this public and expressive about any weakness, even in our past. So, I applaud you for being willing to share this on your blog.   I went back to Ocean Dome for a second contract and it was very healing in helping me to achieve closure.   Please keep writing. Even though I don’t always comment, I enjoy every post.   Hugs! Peter

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