Off Broadway…

Snow is falling, I’m having tea, and need to write this post in 40 minutes.  Here goes!

I had an eventful week last week. 


1.  Performed the Bikinis again in town

2.  Got an agent

3.  Had a GREAT audition

4.  Was shortlisted for a Broadway project


The Bikinis is the show I did last August for Goodspeed Musicals.  Our director/creator and his writing partner have been working to get the show in town since we finished our run in September, and progress has been made…we have an executive producer onboard and we have designers who saw the show for the first time when we performed it for them last  Monday.  We actually have another presentation date at the end of this month for more money people…onward and upward!  Stay tuned!

How’s this for coincidence/synchronicity?  My agent and the creators of the Bikinis share an office!  I went to drop off my headshot and resume, and under my agents’ name was the name of their production company!  I was totally surprised…found out later that my agent was once my directors agent as well!  Love it when the world connects that way!

Ann (agent) sent me out on a call a week ago Friday for a reading for an a cappella musical that is taking its next steps toward a Broadway life.  I found out just the evening before that I had an appointment the following day at 5:50.  I walked in that room feeling confident and prepared, and it went great!  The room had fantastic acoustics, and my song filled the place up!  There were at least a dozen people on the other side of the table-among them, Tony Award winner Christopher Gattelli who is directing,  musical director Rick Hip-Flores, and Richard Winkler (Richard was the lighting designer for Fame when I did it years ago, and is now a producer on the project).  I also learned and performed a melody line from the show, and did the sides with reader, then thanked them and left.  It was fantastic to walk out of there knowing that I did exactly what I wanted to do, how and when I wanted to do it.  Love those moments.

I got a call from Ann the following Tuesday. The casting directors’ office called her to confirm my availability as I was being heavily considered for the part!  It was the first call she sent me out on, and it felt so good to have proof that I can deliver the goods…you want to make a great first impression, and I am so grateful that I did!

The show began rehearsals yesterday…not sure who got it, but I wish them well.  I would SO love to have written that I was the one who got the offer-but everything happens for a reason, and God still has my back.  

This is a good start.  I’ll take it.  Forward progression in 2013.  I’m gonna keep it going and have much goodness to report before 2014!




One response to “Off Broadway…

  1. ‘God’s got my back’ is a wonderful expression, and an attitude that can’t lose! You GO girl!!

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