Question mark…

I worked with a woman last week who told me, “I don’t like food.  If I could live my life and not eat another bite, I’d be happy.”


She was a bit of an odd bird…she came to the job in pajama pants, declared herself too thin for several national brands of clothing (she wasn’t), is currently working an unpaid internship for Bill Clinton, thinks German is a more melodic language than French, and was excited about an upcoming interview in D.C. because her goal was to get the best health care in the world by working for the government.

She liked to share.

All that was just so you could get more of a picture of what she was like…I am still gobsmacked by the food comment.

It wasn’t like she had some kind of eating disorder…she ate lunch, and snacked throughout the day.  She just didn’t like food, or the process of eating.  I found out that sitophobia is the word that defines a person with an abnormal aversion to food, or an irrational fear of food or eating.  That didn’t seem to fit…she was very matter-of-fact when she said it…she was just stating a preference.

As a person who loves food, I have trouble wrapping my mind around that.  And I wonder how else that informs her life.  Can a person who doesn’t enjoy eating, enjoy relationships?  Enjoy anything sensual?  Do they not like the potential messiness of eating?  Would they be less able to cope with the potential messiness of living life?  As someone who loves to cook, and who loves the social element that food provides, she’s missing out on a lot!   Granted, I don’t really know her at all…we worked together for 8 hours last Sunday.  I’m sure there’s more to her than what she shared.  At least I hope so.

I wonder about her.

I know it takes all kinds, but she was a new flavor for me.  

Pun intended.




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