Just keep swimming…


This has been a productive week…on Monday I took a musical theatre Audition Intensive with Broadway casting director, Benton Whitley, Tuesday was my acting class, last night was my first voiceover class.  Benton was completely REAL–he had some valuable things to say about how the business is run here, the particular quirks of some of the casting offices, what’s on the horizon, and what the Broadway landscape is evolving into. I have a one-on-one meeting with him next week, and I’ll be able to talk with him about me…my branding, how to market myself more efficiently and just what is Broadway now and how I fit in there. Getting some actual face time with an active Broadway professional is key to a newcomer like me.

 Acting class has been fantastic…the business of working on scenes, exploring and analyzing the characters brings home once again that specificity is key to fully realizing your goals.  EVERYWHERE!  In class and beyond!  What do I want out of life?  SPECIFICALLY.  How do I go about getting that?  SPECIFICALLY.  What is my plan of action?  SPECIFICALLY.   I love how life has a way of reaffirming its most valuable principles.  

What is constant about all of it is that it takes work.  Consistent, focused work. When discouragement tries to weasel its way in there, sometimes work is that last thing I feel like doing, and that is exactly when I need to do it the most. There’s no waiting for motivation.  There’s just DOING IT.  

I have a sister who has struggled with her weight for most of her  adult life.  We’ve had many conversations about it, and one of the things she’d say is that she lacked willpower and motivation.  And I’d tell her you can’t wait for that.  That your body will generally want to take the easy way out…the path of least resistance.  That she has to be the boss…and do what she needs to do especially when she doesn’t feel like it.  I could say that to her because I’ve had a lot of practice saying it to myself.  Like my husband says about weight training…it doesn’t get any easier, you just get better at it.

We all have our tricky areas of growth.  We just have to KEEP GOING.  

Let’s keep going.

“Sometime the joy of flying starts with the fear of falling.”  





One response to “Just keep swimming…

  1. Brilliant! Carry on, Honey!

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