Today I sing…

In 2 hours, I’ll be in the studio with some very talented people recording a promotional cd for the newest version of Fame…Fame Forever, which is the sequel of the one I toured in. I’ve got 2 duets and 1 solo…and I’m doing chorus parts as well.  

We’ve rehearsed over the last 3 days and we’re at the starting block!  Not a lot of time to perfect things, so I’ve done my homework, and am back in the business of making it happen well, and making it happen quickly.  Energizing to say the least!

It feels good to get up today, to be challenged to deliver the goods and to have the absolute confidence that I can.

And to get paid for it.  I really, really, REALLY like that part.




3 responses to “Today I sing…

  1. Miss Sherman! Miss Sherman!
    Such exciting news – CONGRATS!

  2. How’d it go, R?!! That is SO great!!!

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