Red square…

Not Moscow.  On my face.  My right cheek.


I’ve already been on several sites looking for explanations…the last time I was hunting around for answers on the internet was when I was recovering from my achilles tendon rupture.  I had to put a stop to it because I read all these horror stories of terrible recoveries and people rerupturing  their achilles in rehab.

Anyway, I worked 2 jobs yesterday and was exhausted when I came home.  I ended up cuddling with my husband and falling asleep…the right side of my face was either on the pillow, his chest, his arm…I can’t remember because I fell asleep so fast.  And when I woke up an hour later, there was this red square.  It’s flat, doesn’t itch…it actually looks like I fell asleep with my cheek pressed to something in that shape.  It’s just hasn’t completely faded yet, and therein lies my concern.

I’ve read that it may be an allergic reaction…hmmm.  I’m beginning to wear a path to the bathroom checking on the state of it every 30 minutes.

I’m gonna give it a day, and go from there.  Here’s to it disappearing as the day goes on.

Thank you for helping me dissipate my concern today…this has been foremost in my mind, and I don’t want it to hijack my day. I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry.  Gonna pray, let go, let God and proceed with my day and accomplish what I need to accomplish!

I’ll be back with the wrap up…and it’s gonna be good news!



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