In a New York minute…

Or 7.

Let me share yesterday’s New York moment with you….so I, along with what seemed like 2,000 other New Yorkers, was waiting for a delayed 1 train from 96th St.   And silly me,  I forgot to thank the toothless, cross-eyed, drunk black man in a wheelchair who helped us all pass the time in his genteel way by waxing poetic about my ass for 7 minutes.  7 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!  I had my headphones in, and Christina Aguilera sang her song twice before he stopped and rolled away to harass somebody else.  Nothing like being on the receiving end of the foulness coming out of his mouth, and feeling the sideways glances and silent pity of the masses around me.  My ass was right at his eye level, and let me tell you, he dined out on that! Almost literally!!  I seriously thought about pushing him onto the track.  I think I would’ve gotten that slow clap applause going and that the 2,000 would’ve helped me convince the police that it was self defense.

Ah, springtime in the city!

Enjoy your day–mine will be spent on the A train today!



One response to “In a New York minute…

  1. At least the drunk had good taste… and you didn’t turn around. God knows WHAT he would’ve ‘waxed prophetic’ about then…

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