It was raining here last night…I love the sound and smell of it, and had our window open to get some of that freshness inside our apartment.  All of a sudden,  we heard what sounded like someone dumping a fair amount of water a few feet from our window.   I looked outside and what did I see falling from above?

Peanuts.  Whole peanuts.


This is the second time this has happened…the last time was months ago, possibly last year.

WHY WOULD YOU DUMP PEANUTS OUT OF THE WINDOW????????  Really???  Do you not own a trashcan?  Is this some kind of warped quirk?  Has the peanut dumper been away for awhile and has now returned?  Is this some kind of bizarre ritual?

I don’t get it.

Anyone have any ideas?  Ever heard of this before?  I don’t know what apartment they came from, or trust me, I’d be up there knocking on a door.  I hate the apathy and lack of consideration that people who litter exhibit.


I’m looking outside the window right now…and there are a few sparrows that seem happy about the situation.  Tacky approach to bird feeding, if that’s the goal.



2 responses to “What???

  1. “Only in New York?” 😮

  2. Probably some nut feeding birds nuts.

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