I just met you…and this is crazy….


This, people, is a Cronut.

They exist only here in New York, and people have lost their minds for them!  If you haven’t heard of them yet, here’s the story:

They burst upon the bakery scene last May, the flaky, fried brainchild of Dominique Ansel of the eponymous bakery in Soho. He found a way to make a hybrid of a donut and croissant, took out a copyright on the name and voila!  A star is born!

The bakery opens at 8, but if you want one of the only 200 cronuts available daily, you had better be lining up no later than 6:00 am for your best chance to get 1 (there is a limit of 2 per person).

There’s even a black market for these things…the regular price for them are $5 each, but they have gone for as much as $40 each on Craigslist!

So…do they live up to the hype?  I’ll let you know next week…I’m going to go get  in line and check it out for myself!  The flavor of the month for July is Dulce de Leche, and as caramel is one of my husbands’ favorite things, the timing is right.

I better up my cardio starting now.



2 responses to “I just met you…and this is crazy….

  1. Want!

  2. Well?!?! You actually bought into the hype, waited in friggin’ line for 2 hrs. and you HAVEN’T posted how the heck the infamous cronut was?!? All I can conclude is that it wasn’t even worth posting a review… So, all I can say to that is ‘better you than me’!!!

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