Cronut Madness….



So.  That happened!

I was out the door at 5:25 am, and standing in line at 6 am, and had my 2 blackberry cronuts in hand at 8:21 am.

And I waited til I got home at 9:01 am to sit down and try one.

Those folks are very clever…they continue to build your anticipation after purchasing the cronuts by packaging them in a fancy gold carrier.  You have to open it one leaf at a time, like you are unwrapping a very special present.  i opened the package, and there they were..the much hyped cronut within my reach!  The sugary-cinnamony aroma wafted up to my nose…gotta admit, they smelled spectacular!  I’d read that the way to eat it is to peel the layers, so that’s what I did.

The verdict?

Delicious, but not world changing.  They are very rich…I couldn’t eat the entire thing.  It was crispy on the outside and had the croissant layers on the inside, was filled with blackberry cream, and all those flavors and textures definitely worked together.  

Did I enjoy it?  Yes.  Will I be standing in line for a cronut again?  No.  After having it, i can say that, for me, it’s a one hit wonder.   I was curious about it, and whether it lived up to all the crazy hype that surrounded it.  And now I know!  If you are a fiend for donuts and croissants, you could definitely need a 12 step program after having one of these…if you aren’t, then you’re like me.  I enjoy a sweet treat, but even without the waiting line, I’d probably order something else.

What’s cool about this whole thing is being in this city and being able to experience yet another part of it.  The moral of my story?  It’s so worth it to pursue something you’re curious about/passionate about/want to know about and experience that journey first hand.  See what I did there?  Brought it around to a life lesson.  Ahhhhhh!!!






2 responses to “Cronut Madness….

  1. As much as I hate to admit it, feeling remorse before even being able to finish a tasty treat like this only seems to be another sign of getting older for me, LOL.

    I’m so glad we were able to live vicariously through you for this, though!

  2. Well said, Peter- And a 3 hour ordeal (4, if you count having to wait until you got home) for ANY kind of ‘sweet treat’ is something you will NEVER… EVER… catch me doing- My Starbucks white chocolate mocha is liquid crack to me, and I get annoyed having to wait 5 extra MINUTES for it (because the barrista is slow/ retarded/ busy)… So GOD BLESS YOU and THANK YOU for doing something I can only look on in horror at… Better you than me, as I said before…
    Hey- will you stand in line for me for Shakespeare in the Park tkts.???! I’ll be your best friend….?! 🙂

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