Pomp and circumstance…

Tomorrow, I will be having a graduation of sorts.  I’ll be the only one in attendance…well, that’s not quite true.  Bella will be there.  And later, so will Rudy.

This is Bella!

ImageI don’t have a photo of Rudy yet, but I’ll get one tomorrow.

They are my first solo dog walks!  I’ve got a great new part time job…not just walking but learning about and supporting the work of master dog trainer Andy Repogle who owns NYC Dreamdogs!  I’ve been in training for the last several weeks, learning their philosophies and mastering the tools necessary to keep the dogs on a forward progression with their training.  What I love most about Andy’s philosophy, is that it’s all about the bond and the relationship between the dog and their person. Andy prefers to reward with affection and praise, and I really respect that.  It works!  

New Yorkers love their dogs, and this city is full of them.  Just a small percentage of them are trained, and it’s a test whenever we’re out and have any interaction with dogs that may be aggressive or ill-mannered.  I’ve learned it’s all about staying calm, not using avoidance as the only way out of situation,  but to calming control it, not rush through it, effectively teaching the dog that we don’t have to behave badly just because someone else is.  Just hold on to the principles we know to be sound and to keep moving forward.

Gotta love a job that reiterates those principles!  I’m having a great time…heat and humidity notwithstanding.  Now off for some pizza and True Blood!




One response to “Pomp and circumstance…

  1. Oh, what wonderful work!
    And Bella is the perfect name for her – what a beauty-cutie! ♥

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