I am here.  I am strong.  I am evolving.  I am looking life in the face.  I am enough.  Fear will not dictate what decisions I make.  I choose love.   I am continuing to learn what loving really means, and I will love ferociously, fearlessly, courageously, loyally and with unshakeable confidence.  I am a warrior.  I am a conqueror.  I am a victor.   I choose happiness.  I choose peace of mind.   I choose positivity.  I choose hope.  I choose faith.  And I will continue to choose these things regardless of lifes’ circumstances.  I respect myself.  I honor myself by working through my areas of growth and by being completely honest, so I can diligently and effectively become my best self.

I am disciplined.  I am open.  I am tough.  I am resilient.  I am kind.  I am patient.  I am bold.  I work to get it right the first time, and if I fail, I pick myself up and learn from my mistakes.  I don’t get mired in self doubt or self condemnation, which only serves to diminish and paralyze me.  I choose to expect great things.  I choose to believe that it isn’t too late.  I choose to continue to challenge myself and I accept the fact that those challenges won’t be easy.  I embrace the fact that without challenges, change will not occur.  I am grateful that those challenges make me even stronger.

I choose joy.  I choose laughter.  I choose to build a life that I can be proud of, a life during which I will be a blessing to others, as so many have been a blessing to me.  I revel in the adventure that life is, and while I can’t tell the future, I know that who I am and how I choose to live will keep me ready for whatever comes my way.



2 responses to “Yes…

  1. Thank you for the affirmation – always needed – for yourself as well as for your reading audience!

  2. Thank you, Peter! I find that when I start the day with that mindset, I can frame the events that occur that day in a way that will best serve me and where I am working to be!

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