Howdy, Stranger…

Nice to see you again! It’s been a minute since I’ve been here.  309,600 of them to be exact. 

Life has definitely been lived in those minutes, hours, days and weeks…what’s that saying about life happening while you’re busy making plans? My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a heart attack on the table during his surgery. We lost him for a terrifying moment …thank God the doctors got him back and he is doing great–well on the road to recovery. My husband left for Australia to be with him and help him recuperate, and when that went from being short term to long term, I stepped up my hours with my personal chef/event management work in the city. During that time, my own dad was in and out of the hospital with complications from diabetes (also doing well, thank God), but he has since lost 2 brothers and is now the last male sibling in his family. During one of the coldest winters New York has ever seen, I was offered an opportunity to join my husband in Australia and I grabbed it…with the help of some friends, I moved us out of our NYC apartment last December and landed in Brisbane in January to join the cruise ship where I’m currently working.


The winds of change swept through my life in a visceral way these last several months. The business of living and dying played the biggest part of all, and I gotta tell ya, the magnitude of the love and gratitude I feel for my family and friends on both sides of the world can’t really be described.

It was a little daunting to sit down and write this post.   I wasn’t quite sure where to start, what to say or where to go. So I began with a nice Sauvignon Blanc last night, and finished with some Earl Grey this morning. Never underestimate the power of a perfectly timed beverage.

I know these are broad strokes…I’ll be filling in the lines and coloring outside of them as I go on. And I will go on.

As a matter of fact, I’ll be going on in a show called The Bikinis at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre in July…yes!!!  This will be the second time around…you may remember that I had my debut at the Goodspeed Opera House with this gorgeous little show the summer before last.

I want you to know I’m grateful for you too. Thank you for being here with me!



6 responses to “Howdy, Stranger…

  1. I am glad both your husband’s father and your own father are okay. I am grateful YOU are healthy and busy! Looking forward to reading more details. Welcome back!

  2. Oh hey! I’ve missed you!

  3. There you are, R!!! It’s nice to hear from you, and catch up on all your news- I enjoy reading your blogposts (is that the correct term? I’m such a Luddite when it comes to these sorts of things… Kids today…) and want to hear how you’re faring Down Under!!
    We miss you (and Tony, of course)!!!

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