Almost the beginning…

The real launch date of my blog is a few days away, but I thought I’d write a little something right now.  It’s late, I’ve had to cancel my 6:30 am bar method class because I’d have to get up in just over 3 hours to make it there on time and I know me…that’s not happening.

The resident mockingbird is having some kind of  concert right outside my bedroom window.  I’ll own up to not thinking kindly about my feathered friend tonight.

The real launch date is July 15…blog entry #1 will be written in the airport as I begin the first leg of my journey to my new life.  Weeeeeeee!!!

And now, I sleep…


5 responses to “Almost the beginning…

  1. looking forward to July 15th!! Safe Travels xxxxxx

  2. AWWW. I’m in the area. Congratz and good luck on the move to NYC! 8^)

  3. What a move! Sounds exciting! Wishing you the best always. Elisha

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